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i'm weird
i'm annoying
i'm a menace
i'm clumsy
i'm happy and gay
i'm childish but not immature
im romantic
i'm very sentimental
i love looking at the stars at night
i love to laugh
i love to sing
i have mood swings
i have this sudden rush of dancing attacks
i read a lot
i write a lot
i draw a lot
i go out most of the time
i love the sun
i love to be in the water
i love drinking coffee
i love blueberry cheesecake
i love God
i love music
i have the coolest friends
i like being alone
i like sweet and funny people
i appreciate a candy as a gift
but i love receiving letters and chocolates
i like vintage
i like goth and Victorian figures
i like chili
i love to cook
i have an unpredictable appetite
i'm restless
i'm a random thinker
Power #coffee #coffeeforever #drinkup #Tuesday
  1. Power #coffee #coffeeforever #drinkup #Tuesday

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